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With an eye for design and the sense of detail, Alexandre Cousinier is a Professional Photographer of Architecture and Products who dedicated his new career to capturing projects through creative photographs.
This love for design and imaging, combined with his experience and technical skills, is what makes this artisan photographer stand out.
The philosophy behind this incredible success is to constantly seek to improve one’s skills and broaden one’s knowledge. In this environment, there are always new things to learn, and he makes sure to learn a little more every day. To learn more about this photographer, please contact us.


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Since I captured my first image of home and interior, I knew that I had found my vocation in architectural photography. Photo Retouch is one of the most popular services I offer. Each of my services include high-end retouches.


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FR Tel: +33 6 40 40 18 89

CA Tel: +1 416 625 1059


Currently in Toronto, CANADA